Our assessments

You are encouraged to have a psychiatric assessment made by a Psychiatrist at our Clinic if:

  • You are feeling that you may benefit from talking to psychiatrist
  • You have previous or family history of mental disorders
  • You would like to review your mental state or medication
  • Your condition is worsening
  • Your ability to function is severely impaired

You are encouraged to have psychological assessment if:

  • You are able to function day to day
  • You feel you are still able to cope with your problems but need help
  • You prefer psychological over medical approach
  • You are unclear about your difficulties.
  • Talking to a qualified psychotherapist or psychologist will help you clarify your difficulties and the degree of these. This will allow you to discuss the best therapy approach and treatment plan.

You are also encouraged to complete an appropriate Self-Assessments to either bring with you for your next appointment or for self-reference: