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Private Psychotherapy Practice in London

Psytherapy was founded based on the passion for helping others to transform their lives with the help of counselling and psychotherapy.

Highly qualified and experienced psychotherapist Natalija Hayter works by utilising recent research in the areas of cognitive and behavioural psychology, biopsychology, clinical and deep psychology known as psychoanalysis. Natalija takes care to tailor each treatment plan to a person’s individual needs and personality, helping individuals, couples ad families suffering from a range of issues.

Private counselling services allow tailoring treatment to a person’s individual needs and personality. Each person’s history and circumstances are unique, and this can affect their day-to-day life in a number of ways. Psychotherapy allows people to explore where their issues may stem from. This level of understanding can help reconcile inner conflicts, and achieve personal growth.

Over the years, Psytherapy private psychotherapy practice in London has helped treat many conditions, including personality disorders, anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, skills building, and much more.


It is a mission of Psytherapy to be a safe place for people who are ready to embrace positive change and to help them on their journey through life. Our London psychotherapy clinic will continue helping people discover new qualities in themselves and others. This can be done by working together in a focused and personal manner to help towards resolving problems and achieving life goals.

If you think you would benefit from private psychotherapy, counselling, or psychological assessment, please get in touch. Together, we can discuss the right solution for your needs.

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