What Type Of Psychotherapy Do I Choose?

Simple answer to a difficult question at Psytherapy “What Type of therapy do I choose?”

It is not easy to understand what therapy is right for you. Number of articles and videos describing the process of therapy and conditions treated is overwhelming. This is quite confusing because pretty much each modality can deal with the same condition just in a different way. How do I know which way is better for me? And I need a simple answer!

I choose CBT if I don’t have much time/resources/I don’t particularly enjoy reflecting on myself but I don’t like how I feel/It is not a long standing problem/I don’t want to talk about my childhood/I want it to go away

I choose Psychoanalysis if I have time/resources/I want to know more about myself/I can’t easily identify my problem/I am not happy/I don’t know what is wrong/The problem keeps returning/I understand that changes for the better will not be easy but permanent

psychoanalysis treatment

I choose Family therapy if I don’t understand my partner/They, He, She doesn’t understand or hear me/They keep doing it/They can’t leave me alone/Should we stay together/The other party can come with me/I just want peace

I choose Hypnosis if I don’t want to engage with the problem/I don’t want to think or know why is this happening/I just want it to go away now/I want someone to fix it/I am aware that it may return at any time and I will be overwhelmed because it was never understood and controlled by me

I choose Counselling if I want someone to be there and listen to me/I don’t want to change anything right now/Someone close just passed away

I choose other modality of therapy if I am particularly interested in this approach/It is easily accessible